You hear an sound sample from the Album "Metamorphosen-Fröhling & Schicke - Walgesang"



Heinz Fröhling: vocals, guitars, bass, mellotron, keyboards

Eduard Schicke: all drums/percussion (expect „Still here“)

Emily Fröhling: vocals on “Still here“, lyrics and vocals on “Like the Ocean“

Claudia Fröhling: lyrics and vocals on “Say my name“

Herbert Führs: drums on “Still here“

The song “Still here“ is dedicated to Gerd Führs.


Fröhling & Schicke 






1 Windrose

2 Still here

3 Letzter Kuss

4 Duft nach Vinyl

5 Say my name

6 Spiegel

7 Like the ocean

8 Frag nicht

9 Walgesang

10 Metamorphosen

11 Letztes Signal (Sternenstaub)