Fröhling & Schicke - Metamorphosen


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 Liner Notes Metarmophosen

After Schicke Führs Fröhling released their acclaimed last album “Ticket To Everywhere“ in 1978 the three musicians called it quits and went their own ways. Time and again questions were raised within the international fan community of this exceptionally creative trio if the highly innovative musicians of the so called “Krautrock“-era would hit the studio one more time as a group. Unfortunately all hopes for a new SFF-album became obsolete when Gerd Führs tragically passed away in 1992.

Nevertheless, three decades later Heinz Fröhling and Eduard Schicke



  returned to the studio with new musical ideas. The result are the 11 beautiful tracks of “Metamorphosen“, originating from a spontaneous session of two musicians who have stayed lifelong friends. Without Gerd Führs’s contribution the sound became somehow different and excitingly fresh material was created. Heinz Fröhling was working more than two years to establish a valid context for the different instrumental tracks, though he always felt something was missing.

 In May 2011 on the isle of Mallorca Fröhling stumbled upon the well known German novelist Klaus Modick,



whose writing is strongly influenced and inspired by music. Soon it became clear what the unfinished tracks of Fröhling were missing: lyrics. Fröhling convinced Modick to add words to the music, and the two of them worked out the material in a close partnership during the same summer. The result are 8 self-contained, exceptionally well crafted and outstanding pieces with quite poetical lyrics.

The three songs in English language on this remarkable new album feature the vocals of Claudia Fröhling



 and Emily Fröhling.



 The second track “Still Here“ is dedicated to the memory of Gerd Führs. It’s a special treat that on this track the drums are played by Gerd’s brother Herbert Führs!



 Heinz Fröhling and Eduard Schicke eventually produced and polished “Metamorphosen“ in their own studio. 

Sit back, listen and enjoy!


Metamorphosen -

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